Our Story

The origin story behind our brand comes out of our passion for the planet's oceans and the many opportunities it provides from the relaxing beaches of California, adrenaline infused fishing, to even enabling international shipping. Much like how coastal bays protect the surrounding area from the harsh forces, we advocate for the sustainability of the world's oceans and marine life. That is why proceeds from every sale goes directly to charities that support our passion. 

Our passion for the oceans is only matched by our intense passion to design and handcraft only the best wrist accessories from the finest possible materials. Because simply you're worth it! One of our founding principles here at the Bay is: if we wouldn't wear it, then we shouldn't have it for sale. You can rest assured that the bracelet you receive has been thoughtfully curated to best reflect our commitment to only providing excellence. Wearing a bracelet from the Bracelet Bay means that not only do you have a strong fashion sense (kudos to you!) but, you stand with us in supporting the sustainability of our shared marine ecosystem for future generations.